Perpetual Motion for 3 Harps

Cindy's original for three harps imitates the persistence of a clock's swinging pendulum in a mechanical fashion. Fun to play and can be performed on lever and pedal harps.

Cindy will email you an mp3 of the arrangement for further…


Green and Blue

Cindy Horstman’s original composition “Green and Blue” for 3 harps is a jazz-based piece in 3/4 that captures both an uplifting and melancholy feel inspired by Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. A great choice for ensembles with pedal and lever…


The Wayfaring Stranger for Harp Ensemble

Jazz based arrangement of this Traditional American Folk Song - for pedal and lever harp ensemble. Slow, pensive introduction that moves into a driving , rhythmic feel. This piece was commissioned by the Harp in Worship Conference 2017. Cindy will…


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen for Harp Ensemble

Cindy Horstman’s arrangement of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” for 3 harps is an upbeat,  jazz-based piece that can be played in a mixed harp ensemble of pedal and lever harps.  After coaching the Cicely Tyson Harp Ensemble under the…


Snow Daze for 3 harps

Cindy Horstman’s original composition “Snow Daze” for 3 harps is an energetic, jazz-based piece that captures the spirit of the winter and is fun to play! A great choice for ensembles with mixed harps.  Cindy will email you an mp3…


Jazz Theory Book 1 for Harpists

Cindy has written a jazz theory book designed for harpists to incorporate a jazz style into their playing.  The book is a series of exercises with the answers immediately following for instant feedback.

Price: $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping / handling


Triple Tandem for 3 harps & 3 basses


“Triple Tandem” for 3 harps and 3 upright basses – Original commissioned by Pat McNulty Wooster
for the Sound Sound Strings Ensemble – 2013

“Our biggest thanks goes to Cindy Horstman, who composed Triple Tandem for us.  Her composition was…


Shall We Gather at the River for Harp Ensemble

For pedal and lever harp ensemble. This jazz based arrangement of a classic hymn begins with a slow introduction and moves into a Pat Metheny inspired rhythm.  Commissioned for the 2017 Harp in Worship Conference. Cindy will email you an…